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Inspiration is both the source and message expressed in the music of this Falls City, Nebraska, and Hiawatha, Kansas, based family.
The family came together to perform after the birth of Gage Ramsey. Gage, son of Marc and Rochelle Ramsey, developed a mysterious, degenerative brain disease shortly after birth. While the search for medical answers has been furtive and frustrating, the plight of "Baby Gage" brought about the original, miracle music of The Meyer's
Gage's grandmother, Brenda Meyer, was not a poet nor a songwriter. But approximately two months after Gage was born, Brenda began to hear the music and lyrics that have been recorded on the CDs. Her songs have been likened to poetic prayer.
Since the first song came to Brenda in the middle of a long night of prayer, her daughters, Rochelle, Rebecca and Megan, and her granddaughter, Brianna, have also been inspired to write. The result is a compilation of heart-felt music and song offering hope and comfort.
Scott Shock editor of Falls City Journal.

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